1838 – oliver twist ~ charles dickens

As I dunked the teabag into the teacup, I could feel the whole universe jiggling around me. Something was wrong.

With every dip, this feeling became more and more intense. I could hear a high-pitched humming in the air. Hesitantly, with a shaking hand, I added the second teaspoon of sugar, and my hair began to stand on end. The air in the kitchen crackled with a strange electricity as I stirred…

I thought I had this whole time travel business pretty much under control. I really did. But it turns out my tea-powered time machine has a mind of its own

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Dear reader(s) of Book to the Future,

Usually, around this time on a Sunday, I post my weekly review. My reviews, in case you’ve noticed, always begin with a picture of the book I’m reviewing for the week.

That’s how Book to the Future normally works.

Um. Usually.

Except for this week…

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did I do that?

Hey everyone. I’ve just returned from 1900!

The first thing I wanted to do when I got back was to check to see that my actions in the past hadn’t inadvertently caused something catastrophic to happen in the present. Like, for instance, what would I do if I’d caused sticky notes to have never been invented, or I’d caused apostrophes to be outlawed, or, you know, caused  the end of the world as we know it.

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