1945 – brideshead revisited ~ evelyn waugh

The past few books I’ve read have left me feeling much the same way I feel around three o’clock in the afternoon on Christmas Day; that time when, slumped in a feeble plastic chair on the back lawn of my parents’ house, my stomach bulging, I swear to everything I hold sacred that I will never eat again.

I’ve read some truly brilliant books lately. It’s just like having Christmas dinner every week. It’s great – but I’m left feeling overwhelmed, overindulged…as if I couldn’t possibly consider ever reading another book on my life.

I am bloated with books.

In fact, if this was the last novel I ever read, I think I’d actually be okay with that…

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1935 – mr. norris changes trains ~ christopher isherwood

Things I didn’t realise about bookblogging, number one hundred and thirty three:

Book reviews are a very of-the-moment thing.

Some of the novels I’ve read for Book to the Future have stuck in my thoughts; their atmosphere still haunting me months after I turned the final page and clicked the “Publish” button on my review. Other books that impressed me initially have completely failed to make a long-term impression.

But while my thoughts regarding books change over time, my reviews cannot.

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1928 – orlando ~ virginia woolf

Hang on just a freaking second here, I thought to myself, reading the blurb on the back of Virginia Woolf’s 1928 “biography”, Orlando.

I glared at the cover as I continued in my thoughts – So it’s about a dude who wakes up one day to find that he’s no longer a dude? Huh? You’re either a dude or you’re not a dude…err, dude.

What the heck kind of book IS this??

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