i’m five!

Earlier this evening, I realised today is Book to the Future’s fifth anniversary. I’ve got nothing prepared. Not a cake, not a competition, or even a special post. Apart from this one, which I’m making up on the spot. I completely forgot.

Worst blogger ever? Quite possibly.

I’m still settling into my new life, still trying to balance freelance work and job-hunting and everything else. I’m getting there; slowly working out where I’m going (and where I want to go) one step at a time. Is that a cliché? I don’t care – it’s true.

I’m grateful to everyone who’s taken the time to read one of my reviews over the past five years. Thanks to everyone who’s commented, emailed, Twittered – you’re all ace. Plus, super-special thanks to Linda and Jean from Newtown Review of Books and Thuy On from the Big Issue for being kind enough to publish my words in their respective publications.

Five years…that’s half a decade. Better get on with it – I’ve been doing this too long to stop now!