1984 – the children’s bach ~ helen garner

What’s left to write about Helen Garner’s stunning The Children’s Bach that hasn’t already been written by writers infinitely more eloquent than myself?

Although I can’t imagine I have anything to contribute, the urge to write about this intricate little novel remains. Is it pure egotism that compels me to speak my piece, regardless? Or is it because that’s what critics are meant to do?

This is only my second review for the Australian Women Writers project. Yes, I know. I intended to write one AWW review per month. I have four books sitting on my desk right now, waiting my attention.

I’ll be writing a series of brief reviews to help me get my schedule back on track. It’s something new for me – let me know what you think.

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1956 – seize the day ~ saul bellow

It’s like this: I’m two reviews behind, and I badly need to catch up. I’ve actually taken the drastic step of banning myself from reading another book until I’m up to date with my reviews.

Yes, I’ve resorted to bribing myself. And the really sad thing is, it’s working.

But not being able to read makes me sad. And it makes the train trip to work incredibly dull.

So because Seize the Day is a short novel, this will be a suitably short review…

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1955 – the quiet american ~ graham greene

So – my first review for the year. It’s been a while. I feel a little like a boxer stepping back into the ring after a long absence.

(Albeit a rather timid boxer with messy hair and big glasses and a book tucked beneath one arm…)

Anyway. The longer I leave this review, the more nervous I’ll get. It’s time.

Cue review-writing montage…

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