1956 – seize the day ~ saul bellow

It’s like this: I’m two reviews behind, and I badly need to catch up. I’ve actually taken the drastic step of banning myself from reading another book until I’m up to date with my reviews.

Yes, I’ve resorted to bribing myself. And the really sad thing is, it’s working.

But not being able to read makes me sad. And it makes the train trip to work incredibly dull.

So because Seize the Day is a short novel, this will be a suitably short review…

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1930 – as i lay dying ~ william faulkner

It’s not like I set out on purpose to read two iconic works of American literature in two consecutive weeks. No, really. Honest.

After reading Huckleberry Finn last week and As I Lay Dying this week, I’m starting to think with a Southern accent. Please send help. It’s gettin’ powerful bothersome.

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1922 – siddhartha ~ hermann hesse

My first week back at work after two weeks away was a bit of a shock to the system.

But in spite of all the overtime, all the stress, there was something special about this week. Something that kept me going, something that stirred a little magic through my thoughts as I sat at my desk, typing…

It was, of course – a book. With me, it mostly always is…

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1920 – the age of innocence ~ edith wharton

Finally, FINALLY, Book to the Future enters the Twenties – quite possibly the most elegant decade of all time! Huzzah!

Something I’ve purposefully tried to avoid so far in my writing for Book to the Future is comparing the books I’ve read to each other…even though randomly comparing books to each other is something that’s always felt natural to me. But I can’t help but notice something that a lot of the books I’ve read for Book to the Future have in common – so many of them are about love…

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