1934 – tender is the night ~ f. scott fitzgerald

Problem: I loved The Great Gatsby.

No – that’s an understatement. I adored The Great Gatsby. There’s so much about Gatsby that’s utterly perfect – the novel’s structure is spot on. And that’s not even to begin to mention the way Fitzgerald so brilliantly brings Gatsby’s tragedy to life.

Another problem: I’ve become just a leeettle bit obsessed with Zelda Fitzgerald. I reviewed her only novel, Save Me The Waltz the week before last. Though I respect him as an author, the more I learn about F. Scott Fitzgerald as a person, the more I despise him. Though, as a writer, Fitzgerald has my complete respect.

Hmm. Conflicted much?

I can see that writing an objective review of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night is going to be pretty much impossible…but, nonetheless, here it is anyway…

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