1900 – the wizard of oz ~ l. frank baum

Time travel is AMAZING, and all…but Dorothy was right – there really is no place like home.

It’s the first week of my reading journey through time, and I’ve got more than two years of this ahead of me. If I said I wasn’t feeling daunted and lonely and tiny and lost right now, I’d be a great big liar.

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did I do that?

Hey everyone. I’ve just returned from 1900!

The first thing I wanted to do when I got back was to check to see that my actions in the past hadn’t inadvertently caused something catastrophic to happen in the present. Like, for instance, what would I do if I’d caused sticky notes to have never been invented, or I’d caused apostrophes to be outlawed, or, you know, caused  the end of the world as we know it.

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confessions of a literary impostor

Dear readers – I have a secret to tell you. A confession of sorts.

There are SO many books I haven’t read. SO MANY. Books that are considered classics. Books that I’ve always intended to read. Books I actually lie about having read…

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