1944 – fair stood the wind for france ~ h. e. bates

If you had to choose just one novel to represent every year of the twentieth century, how would you decide?

That’s the very question I’m faced with whenever I buy a book, and it’s not a decision I make lightly. So far, most of the books I’ve read for Book to the Future were selected as the result of quite a lot of research.

It does, however, make my job much easier when someone recommends a book for me to read. Which was the case this week.

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1941 – up at the villa ~ w. somerset maugham

I never thought I’d say this, but I miss long books. Huge, overwhelming novels I can fling myself into, emerging from between the covers a month or so later with messy hair and wild eyes.

My hectic one-book-per-week schedule for Book to the Future means that I have to restrict myself to reading reasonably short novels. There are several books I’ve been desperate to tackle, but I’ve had to avoid for now because I know there’s no way I could manage them in just a week. I am a slow, sloooow reader.

But oh, how I long to return to the chunksters.

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