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Festive greetings! I hope today has been kind to you.

I know – it’s been a while between posts. Writing time has been scarce lately. I’m working on that. Another thing I’m working on? A list of my favourite five books of the year. Or maybe my favourite ten books. I’m still deciding. And there are so many worthy books…

More as soon as I’ve made up my mind.


46365aBooks – read and unread – half-finished mugs of tea, emails, plans, long overdue conversations. Things are piling up in great waves around me, pulling me in, slowly sucking the sand from beneath my feet.

I’m taking a break from my usual Bookmarks and Past, Present and Future posts for a couple of weeks. I need to catch up on reviewing books, get myself organised – and take a few big, deep lungfuls of air before I plunge back into the swell.

triple choice tuesday at reading matters

Reading Matters is one of my favourite literary blogs, so obviously, I did a little dance around my study was completely thrilled when Kim from Reading Matters invited me to write a post for her.

1984For Triple Choice Tuesday at Reading Matters, I’ve selected three very different books – one very long book, one very short book, and a YA novel – and rambled a little about why I love them so much. Plus, as an added bonus, because Kim’s celebrating Australia and New Zealand Literature Month, all three books are by Australian authors.

Curious? Here’s a link to my post with my three selections.

I’ll be back tomorrow with, amongst other things, a list of thirty-six books on my to read pile. Why? Find out tomorrow…

2014 – boel westin ~ tove jansson life, art, words

tove-jansson-life-art-wordsLet’s start with a confession: I’m thirty-five, and this year, I read my first Moomin book.

2014 is shaping up as the year I discovered Tove Jansson, novelist and creator of the Moomin family.

I started writing something last night about reading Jansson’s The Summer Book for the first time. I only intended to write a few short paragraphs to introduce my latest review.

The thing is, once I’d started writing, I found myself unable to stop. The short piece I sat down to write is turning into a long, tangled thing. And I like it. It feels good. Hopefully, when I return to my half-finished piece soon, that thread is still there, waiting for me to pick up where I left off.

In the meantime, I have a new review to share. I’m over at Newtown Review of Books today, writing about Tove Jansson Life, Art, Words, a biography of Jansson written by Boel Westin. It’s been published in English for the first time this year to celebrate the centenary of Tove Jansson’s birth.

Not only is Life, Art, Words a highly-detailed look into the life of a fascinating, talented artist, the book itself is also rather lovely as a physical artefact. It’s a giant hardcover that would be rather imposing if it weren’t a sunny shade of bright yellow underneath the dustjacket, shown above. Inside, Life, Art, Words is filled with images of Jansson’s cartoons, photos of Jansson and her family and friends, extracts from her letters and more. There’s a surprise waiting on every page.


Talking of surprises, on Tuesday, the shortlist for this year’s Best Australian Blogs competition was announced…and I’m thrilled to announce that Book to the Future made it to the finals! In fact, so did a whole heap of other great blogs. Here’s a full list of all the finalists.

I’m a huge believer in the Australian literary blogging community. On the right hand side of my homepage, there’s a long list of blogs, literary websites, journals and more. While you’re in a clicky kind of mood, make sure you open up a few of these links. Take a look around, leave a comment or two, add them to your bookmarks. It’s like a literary lucky dip.

I’ll be updating this list with some new blogs I’ve discovered recently over the next few days.

If you’re new to Book to the Future – hello! I hope you like it here.

(Oh, and thanks for visiting!)

– Michelle