about me


I’m Michelle. I’m 40 and I live in Melbourne.

I’m from a little town in country Victoria where big flowering gums line both sides of the main street. There’s a festival every year around the time they blossom.

I work in the marketing team for a pet shop. I get to pat a lot of dogs.

I once had dinner with Chewbacca.

Punky Brewster is my hero (and also the reason why I get chills when I see abandoned fridges sitting on front lawns)

Some of the books I wrote in primary school included masterpieces like The Honted Hose (I was five and hadn’t discovered spelling), The Night We Got Locked in the School Library and Attack of the Killer Whipper Snipper – parts one and two.

I always wanted to write fiction, but it turns out I’m more of a non-fiction kind of person. That’s unless I get a sudden rush of inspiration for Attack of the Killer Whipper Snipper, part three.

Don’t ask me what my favourite book is. The stress of choosing just one might kill me.

I’m not a bookmark person. I turn over the corner of the page to mark my progress. Also to keep track of bits I like. Sometimes I underline things. Please don’t hate me.

I sometimes write reviews for Newtown Review of Books. I’m also a fiction co-editor at online arts journal, Verity La.

My least favourite things include misplaced apostrophes, the word m*ist, inspirational quotes on walls, this song, spam (email), spam (spiced ham) and writing About Me pages.

About Book to the Future

Book to the Future is an ongoing project to read and review one book to represent every year of the twentieth century.

I started writing about books in 2010 because I was keen to share my thoughts on my reading, but had no bookish friends. Also, I’d just watched all three Back to the Future movies, back to back.

I was just over the halfway point of my project in 2012 when I stopped blogging. It’s a long story. However, as of September 2018, I’m picking up where I left off and will be posting a new review every two weeks until the Book to the Future project is finished…which should be around March 2020, by my reckoning. Great Scott!