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Book to the Future Reviews

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Austen, Jane – Pride and Prejudice


Bates, H. E. – Fair Stood the Wind for France

Baum, L. Frank – The Wizard of Oz

Beasley, Richard – Me and Rory Macbeath

Bellow, Saul – Seize the Day

Bowles, Paul – The Sheltering Sky

Buchan, John – The Thirty-Nine Steps

Burroughs, Edgar Rice – Tarzan of the Apes


Cain, James M. – Double Indemnity

Capote, Truman – Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Chandler, Raymond – The Long Goodbye

Christie, Agatha – The Body in the Library

Cole, Jessie – Darkness on the Edge of Town

Colette – The Cat

Conrad, Joseph – Heart of Darkness

Conrad, Joseph – Nostromo


Dale, John – Plenty

de Beauvoir, Simone – She Came to Stay

Dickens, Charles – Oliver Twist


Fitzgerald, F. Scott – The Great Gatsby

Fitzgerald, F. Scott – Tender is the Night

Fitzgerald, Zelda – Save Me The Waltz

Fleming, Ian – Live and Let Die

Forster, E. M. – Howards End

Forster, E. M. – The Longest Journey

Forster, E. M. – A Passage to India

Forster, E. M. – Where Angels Fear to Tread

Frank, Anne – The Diary of a Young Girl

Franklin, Miles – My Brilliant Career


Gallico, Paul – Mrs Harris Goes to Paris

Garner, Helen – The Children’s Bach

Gibbs, May – Snugglepot and Cuddlepie

Gide, Andre – Strait is the Gate

Grahame, Kenneth – Wind in the Willows

Greene, Graham – Brighton Rock

Greene, Graham – The Quiet American


Hay, Ashley – The Railwayman’s Wife

Hamsun, Knut – Growth of the Soil

Hardy, Thomas – Far From the Madding Crowd

Hemingway, Ernest – The Old Man and the Sea

Hemingway, Ernest – The Sun Also Rises

Hesse, Hermann – Siddhartha

Highsmith, Patricia – The Talented Mr Ripley

Hodgson Burnett, Frances – The Secret Garden

Huxley, Aldous – Crome Yellow


Isherwood, Christopher – Mr. Norris Changes Trains


James, Henry – The Ambassadors

James, Wendy – The Lost Girls

Joyce, James – A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man


Kafka, Franz – Amerika

Kazantzakis, Nikos – Zorba the Greek

Kerouac, Jack – On the Road

Krauth, Kirsten – just_a_girl


Lindsay, Norman – The Magic Pudding

Ladd, Kylie – After the Fall

Ladd, Kylie – Last Summer

Lawrence, D. H. – Kangaroo

Lawrence, D. H. – Sons and Lovers

Lindsay, Norman – The Magic Pudding


Mann, Thomas – Death in Venice

Maugham, W. Somerset – Up at the Villa

McCullers, Carson – The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

McGregor, Fiona – Indelible Ink

Musil, Robert – The Confusions of Young Törless


O’Flynn, Mark – White Light


Park, Ruth – The Harp in the South


Remarque, Erich Maria – All Quiet on the Western Front

Rhys, Jean – Good Morning, Midnight


Sagan, Françoise – Bonjour Tristesse

Salinger, J. D. – The Catcher in the Rye

Smith, Zadie – On Beauty

Stead, Christina – The Man Who Loved Children

Steinbeck, John – Of Mice and Men


Thurber, James – The 13 Clocks

Tiffany, Carrie – Mateship with Birds

Twain, Mark – The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn


Von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang – The Sorrows of Young Werther


Waugh, Evelyn – Brideshead Revisited

Wharton, Edith – The Age of Innocence

White, Patrick – The Hanging Garden

Wilde, Oscar – The Picture of Dorian Gray

Wood, Charlotte – Animal People

Woolf, Virginia – Night and Day

Woolf, Virginia – Orlando

Woolf, Virginia – The Waves