october – a month in statistics

October is going to be one fun month for me this year. Here’s why…

Number of weddings to attend: Two. And they’re both in Victoria. I’m in Sydney.

The first wedding was beautiful. We just got back yesterday. I met some awesome people and had a fantastic time. The second wedding is my sister’s. And I’m a bridesmaid. Eep.

Number of aeroplane trips required to attend said weddings: Four.

I hate flying with a fiery, fiery passion. Every time I’m on a plane and waiting for the damn thing to take off, all I can think of is the one or two Air Crash Investigation episodes I’ve ever seen in my life. Or footage from the news of a crashed plane strewn all over the ground with bits of luggage all over the place. My mind fills with gory details. As I take off, every little noise I hear has me absolutely convinced that the plane is about to explode and I’m going to die. I take solace in the fact that people who die in plane crashes usually don’t take very long to die. Well, usually, anyway. I wonder how long it would take for my plane to plummet to the earth.

I have an overactive imagination.

My batting average: …hang on. What??

Number of book reviews I need to write in October: Five.

Book reviews posted so far in October: Um. One.

Number of books I packed for my first trip to Victoria: Three.

Number of books finished while in Victoria: Err. None.

Look, I thought I’d have all this time to read and write and catch up with my blogging…but I barely had a few hours where there wasn’t something I had to do, or someone I had to see. That’s the one problem with staying at your parents’ place: they expect you to do things (but I don’t mind. I loved seeing them again). Oh, and the other problem with staying at my parents’ place? No wifi! And non-existent 3G access! Ack!

Number of family members celebrating their birthdays in October: Three. Yes, three. And they’re all within the space of a few days. This leaves us very busy – and flat broke.

Hours of overtime worked in October: It feels like around a billion. Seriously. Because I’m spending nearly two weeks in Victoria for my sister’s wedding, my work have decided to make up for my absence by making me work like some kind of crazy person in the meantime. This has meant some very, VERY late nights so far…gah!

Massively important things I need to do before my second trip to Melbourne: One million and counting…

Probability of me falling behind with Book to the Future during the month of October: very, very high.

The review I was meant to post on Sunday? Err. I kinda haven’t finished reading the book. My review will be online this Sunday. Err…I hope.

October. It’s a month of statistics. And so far, they’re stacking up against me…

Author: Michelle

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2 thoughts on “october – a month in statistics”

  1. Thanks for coming to the wedding, Michelle – it was super awesome to have you and Angus as part of it. :)

    Had dinner with my sister Alison last night for my birthday, as she was down here for the weekend. She rates you very highly. She said you’re ‘very Melbourne’, which is a great compliment (and the best way to describe you!).

    Miss you and Angus heaps.


  2. Sorry we couldn’t stay a few extra hours to celebrate your birthday with you – I hope you had an awesome day and got plenty of amazing presents (c;

    Let Alison know the feeling is mutual – I utterly adore your family! They’re all so arty and cool and stuff.

    Our time in Melbourne passed SO quickly. I want to go back already!

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