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I know, I know. I haven’t been blogging much since I moved. It turns out that combining freelance work with job-hunting is itself pretty much the equivalent of a full time job. Who knew?

Another thing I’ve learned over the past month or so? Like a sheepdog stuck in a suburban backyard, herding children, cats, stray tradies – anything at all – out of sheer instinct, a copywriter with not enough work begins to edit everything in sight. A poor, misplaced apostrophe doesn’t stand a chance around me at the moment. I’m like Zorro, except with a pencil instead of a sword.

In spite of the radio silence, there’s been a lot happening behind the scenes of this blog. I’ve done a lot of rewriting. Take a look at my new About Me page, for instance. I’ve also taken a heap of new photos and generally spruced things up a little.

What’s with all the spring cleaning? The next couple of weeks are going to be pretty busy around these parts…


Since returning to Melbourne, I’ve been looking forward to the Emerging Writers’ Festival for the longest time. It kicks off next week, with the Opening Night Gala on Tuesday night (like a heap of EWF events, it’s free, but you’ll need to book). My Zorro pencil has been hard at work – not fixing apostrophes, but circling events in the EWF program. I’ve got a huge festival planned and I’m bound to be run off my feet, in the best possible way.

In other big news, I’m really excited to be a part of this year’s Emerging Writers’ Festival program. Meghan Brewster from Manuscrapped and I will be speaking about blogging with host, Sam van Zweden from Little Girl with a Big Pen – a blog I’ve been following for ages. It’s all a part of EWF’s National Writers’ Conference, which is taking over Melbourne Town Hall on Saturday the 30th and 31st of May. We’ll be taking to the stage at 2pm on Sunday. If you’re in Melbourne, come and watch me say ‘um’ a lot.

The Writers’ Conference program looks incredible, by the way. Just $90 for the chance to watch so many ace writers talking about doing what they love? Bargain.

In addition to chatting about blogging, Sam, Meghan and I will also be writing about this year’s festival as this year’s official Emerging Writers’ Festival Bloggers.

This is my first EWF, so if you see me around, be sure to say hello. Big glasses, messy hair, says ‘um’ a lot – you can’t possibly miss me. Come and tell me what you’re reading!

Watch this space for more, and I’ll see you at EWF.

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