happy birthday, book to the future!

One year ago today, this silly, lovely adventure began.

Book to the Future is one year old. And, err… (cliché alert) what a year it’s been! Sorry, but it’s true. Really. It’s been so amazing.

Over the past year, I’ve read so many books. Forty-four, to be exact. This time one year ago, I hadn’t read Howards End or The Great Gatsby, or Sons and Lovers or anything by Virginia Woolf. Now, I can’t begin to imagine my life before these books.

Strangely enough, Book to the Future isn’t just about the books. It’s about the people, too. As life-changing as the books have been, the people I’ve met over the past year have been even more so. The fact that other people are interested enough in Book to the Future to actually take the time to read and comment on what I write…? That’s not just good, it’s splendidly, fantastically, mind-buggeringly wonderful!

For me, Book to the Future is more than just a blog. It’s become my life. After all, this blog could take me up to two more years to complete. There’s still a long, loooong way to go before I find my way back to the present day. I still have so much to learn; so many books to enjoy.

I’m filling up my teacup right now, dear readers – right to the very brim. I’d like to propose a toast – a messy, joyous toast –

…to time

…to the written word

…to folded-over corners

…to coming to terms with my own ignorance

…to taking pictures of books on the dining table every Sunday afternoon

…and, most of all, to you, for accompanying me on this journey – I humbly raise my mug in heartfelt gratitude.



Book to the Future


PS. When I mentioned my bloggiversary on Twitter a few days ago, Angela from LiteraryMinded asked if I was making a cake. Even though I can’t cook, I thought that sounded like a great idea…

Presenting…my very first ever cake!

(It’s actually edible, to my surprise! Here’s what it was meant to look like)

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8 thoughts on “happy birthday, book to the future!”

  1. Wow, congrats on a great year! I really enjoy your posts every week. Oh, and chocolate cake is cake no matter how it looks : ) HAPPY blogaversary!

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