2018 – the lucky galah – tracy sorensen

Linda and Jean from Newtown Review of Books were kind enough to invite me to review The Lucky Galah – the debut novel by writer, filmmaker, academic…and fellow Newtown Review critic, Tracy Sorensen. The moment I found out it’s set in the Sixties and narrated by a galah called Lucky, who receives the thoughts of … Continue reading “2018 – the lucky galah – tracy sorensen”

all good things, january and february ’18

Hoooooo boy. It’s been an interesting couple of months, hasn’t it? Well, it has for me, at least. Despite the very, very best of intentions, I’ve staggered into 2018 in typically hapless fashion and I’m still trying to find my bearings. That relaunch I’m planning? Yes, still happening. More on that soonish. Like I said, … Continue reading “all good things, january and february ’18”

2017 – the river sings – sandra leigh price

I mentioned in my previous post that I’d had a bit of a reading slump – here’s the book that snapped me back out of it: The River Sings. I reviewed this book for Newtown Review of Books and had a lot of nice things to say, including… [The River Sings] is sprightly and elaborate … Continue reading “2017 – the river sings – sandra leigh price”

2017 – the crying place – lia hills

The Crying Place is Lia Hills’s second novel, and it moves at an unhurried yet insistent pace, like looking into the distance from the window of a fast-moving car. It’s been a while. Jean and Linda at Newtown Review of Books – literally the kindest editors and most patient people in the world – let … Continue reading “2017 – the crying place – lia hills”