2014 – angela meyer ~ captives

Captives is slightly larger in size than Paul Wilson’s ‘miniature’, The Little Book of Calm – however, if you’re looking for anything calm in these 112 pages, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. The Little Book of Unheimlich would have made a fitting subtitle for Meyer’s collection of … Continue reading

book to the future bookmarks #10 – the time edition

Time’s been on my mind lately, but not on my side. Isn’t it ironic (in the Alanis Morissette sense) that I’m preoccupied with time travel and yet I always seem to be behind, desperately trying to catch up on everything? For … Continue reading

2014 – boel westin ~ tove jansson life, art, words

Let’s start with a confession: I’m thirty-five, and this year, I read my first Moomin book. 2014 is shaping up as the year I discovered Tove Jansson, novelist and creator of the Moomin family. I started writing something last night about … Continue reading