1918 – a double serving of australian classics

Unless I’m sadly mistaken, it seems to me that 1918 was a bit of a quiet year for literature.

Yes, Wyndham Lewis first published Tarr in 1918, but looking at a plot synopsis didn’t exactly do much for me. Intellectual people running around being intellectual? Not this week, thankyouverymuch. After tackling James Joyce a few weeks ago, I’m all intellectualled out for a while, I’m afraid.

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1917 – growth of the soil ~ knut hamsun

I tried to avoid reading this book. I really did.

It definitely wasn’t my first choice for 1917. To be brutally honest, I only read this particular book because I couldn’t get my hands on anything else published in the year 1917. Trust me, I tried. That’s why I put off ordering this book until the last possible moment, which is why this review is…err…a little on the late side. Oops.

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